Usually holiday cards are a pretty straightforward affair.  You send them to your friends and family.  There’s a photo with the family pet and just the right balance of cheer and awkardness.  This year, however, has been anything but straightforward.

We know that there is a lot of fear, anger, grief, and anxiety for many people this holiday season, particularly those whose lives are directly affected by the hate and ignorance in our midst right now.  We wanted to find a way for people to channel how they are feeling with their friends and family, but also with the politicians and policy makers who need to hear it.

We, the makers of the Holiday Smear campaign, encourage you to 1) wish “Crappy Holidays” to the political leaders and policy makers that have whole-heartedly disappointed you by sending them an Unhappy Holiday Card and 2) take a photo of your card or copy your message and share it on social media.  Tag it with #holidaysmear so we can hear what you’re saying.

It’s instant Christmas catharsis.

Choose your Holiday Smear Card + Share Your Message

Download the card of your choice as a .pdf, e-card or a social card and send them to the policy maker of your choice by mail, e-mail or social media.

Then tag your card on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #holidaysmear