How it all came about – a tale of two friends and a penchant for subversion and greeting cards

This all started on a snowy evening in late November with a phone call between friends. We were talking about 1) violence against women, 2) cruel and unusual punishment of Indigenous inmates in Canada, and 3) racist policies and actions of our political leaders. The conversation turned to how the hyper vigilance we are feeling has turned into daily rituals of participating in calls to action. We were writing more angry letters!  Leaving angry voicemails! Sending angry emails! One of us even wrote an angry text message to the CBC.

We looked outside and with the snow falling in our respective cities, we started joking about how instead of sending angry letters and emails, maybe it was time for a change of medium to mark the season. Angry. Christmas. Cards.

The idea snowballed. We imagined how good it would feel to say “Crappy Holidays” to people whose behavior has been the worst. And we wanted to share the joy of airing season’s grievings with our friends. Maybe we should have an Angry Christmas Card writing party! Maybe we should encourage other people to do the same! Maybe we should get creative friends to design the cards! Make the cards available for others to download! Solidarity with our pals in the US! Raising money for organizations fighting the good fight! Maybe we should get people to post their messages so we can all participate in this together! And on that cool November evening, the #holidaysmear campaign was born.

Let’s put some reason back in the season.