Happy New Smears

The time for resolutions is now.

Print and mail your card: Download PDF

Take a photo of your card and hashtag it. We wanna see you drinking egg nog and writing cards at your #holidaysmear party. Get in the misgiving spirit! Not sure who to send your unhappy holiday card to, or how to contact your local policy maker? Check out our naughty list.

Your 3x5in card will fit into an A6 size envelope

E-Card / Social Cards: Download Image

Embed the image in an e-mail, or share it on social media and tag the policy maker(s) of your choice! Don’t forget to hashtag #holidaysmear.

Show your support for Holiday Smear by donating the amount of your choice to the organization or charity of your choice. Not sure who to give your hard earned dollars to? Check out our nice list.  Once you’ve donated, please fill out this very short form to help us keep track of the impact of the #holidaysmear campaign.